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In collaboration with its member institutes, S-CERT has declared the following to be its ongoing mission:


Damage Prevention

  • Consistent reduction of IT security risk through comprehensive threat recognition
  • Facilitation of an efficient, economical and professional computer emergency response team

Reaction and Emergency Aid

  • Competent and easily comprehensible handling of security issues
  • Reliable handling and confinement of security incidents

Future-proofing: preserving appropriate security levels

  • Continual assessment and restatement of the quality level of security measures
  • Comprehensive development of IT security skills
  • The cultivation of a strong awareness of IT security issues

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Collaborative Partners

S-CERT can only provide its comprehensive security services in co-operation with a wide-ranging network of national and international partners. These partners are of special importance in emergency situations

Further partners

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The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe in Germany
The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, the group of savings banks, Landesbanken and associated companies, comprises 670 companies employing some 380,000 people, with combined total assets of EUR 3.2 trillion.


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