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Objectives and Services

S-CERT provides its customers and associates with all the services you would expect from a full-service computer emergency response team. Our services include:



  • Provision of advisories for all established software products as a basis for efficient patch management
  • Provision of security report analysis for known malware
  • Provision of management reports regarding the general state of IT security


  • Support and advice on all aspects of IT security
  • Handling and coordination of IT security incidents
  • Forensic analysis, as well as analysis of other vulnerabilities and security artefacts
  • Drafting of technical analyses for hacking attacks, malware incidents and other security risks
  • General assessment of IT security information
  • Operation of an IT early warning system


  • Implementation of security exercises
  • Provision of educational material for raising security awareness
  • Provision of Best Practice guidelines for all aspects of CERT work (including setting up a CERT, patch management, incident handling and forensic tools)

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Collaborative Partners

S-CERT can only provide its comprehensive security services in co-operation with a wide-ranging network of national and international partners. These partners are of special importance in emergency situations

Further partners

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